• 2 weeks ago

After my dad ran off with his secretary a few months ago, my mom has been understandably depressed. Other than work, and getting groceries, she mostly stayed at home. She is very attractive to all my friends and….even me. Seeing her partly or completely naked over the years, I know her body completely. I don’t know how many times I had shot my cum all over my belly thinking of her. Finally one night I told my mom how much I loved her and that she was gorgeous. She looked so damn sexy in the short thin blue robe she was wearing. As I stood right in front of her with shaking hands, I undid the attached strap of her robe, causing her robe to open part way. I looked down at the body I had been lusting for and it took my breath away! Her tits were just more than a handful, with only a bit of sag. Large dark reddish areolas and topped with nipples like little sausages. Her waist was thin with no noticeable bulge in her stomach. She also has some great legs. I quickly slid my hands inside her parted robe, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards me wrapping my arms around her waist. Her tits flattened against my chest as my dick crammed into her midsection with my balls nestled against her triangular brown bush. She let out a groan as I pulled her against me and sealed my mouth against hers. I could feel her concede as her body relaxed. Her breathing began to take on a gasping rhythm as she started to respond to my kiss and I could feel her slightly rubbing her torso against my rock hard cock. I was as horny as ever by now and swept my mom off her feet, carrying her to the bedroom. When I felt the edge of the bed, we both fell on it. We came to rest with my body covering hers, her arms tightly wrapped around my neck, kissing wildly as I lay between her widely splayed legs.

I knew then that this was going to be the fuck of my life! We continued at each other like two love starved animals, moaning and groaning with our hands running wildly over each other’s body. Dry humping each other in pure desperation as we were lost in the throes of passion, my cock was at the opening of her pussy. Suddenly I felt my mother’s hands on my tightly clenched ass. I felt her dig her long, painted fingernails into me. Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into the burning opening of my mother’s drooling pussy. We both groaned as our lips broke apart gasping for air. I felt beads of perspiration pop out on my forehead. I felt feverish and light headed as a wave of wickedness washed over me. Finding her lips once again, I hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As we kissed, I slowly eased my cock down into her flaming core. I couldn’t believe this was happening as I slowly slipped deeper and deeper into the depths of her forbidden, clutching canal. I was fucking my own mother! Surely I will go to hell for what I was doing, but it would be worth it, because nothing could compare to this. My cock had a mind of it’s own. Like a piston, I started fucking my mother hard and fast. Suddenly, with both our climaxes approaching, my mom shouted, “Oh fuck honey, oh god, I’m going to cum!!” With my balls ready to burst I responded with equal volume, “Oh mom, so am I, you feel so fucking good, and I’m not pulling out!” Seconds later we came together when I began shooting stream after stream of my love seed into her willing hot pussy!!