• 2 weeks ago

If I had to pick a starting point for the emotional confusion that plagued me, I would say it was the time I saw my son showering. It was when I was on my way to bed and wanted to brush my teeth. My son was showering so I knocked on the door and asked if it was all right for me to come in and he yelled back that I could. The shower alcove is one of those with lightly frosted glass and I could see his outline clearly with a view of him through the glass. I looked away and tried to concentrate on brushing my teeth, but my eyes were constantly drawn back to him and the hazy vision of his nakedness. It reminded me that it had been almost five months since my divorce that I had been in the presence of a naked man. That night as I set about tackling my sexual problem, for the first time while climaxing, I fantasized my son was inside me and I came very hard! I began to appear in provocative dress around the house. I went to the expense of purchasing all but sheer nightwear that I just happened to be wearing when my son was around. The effect I was having was all too obvious. I could see his shaft standing out long and hard, yet still he made no attempt on me. I even went so far as to step out of the shower naked while he was brushing his teeth. He stared at me as if he could eat me, but still made no move. I knew then it was up to me. I put on my most revealing short nightgown, and nothing else. It left nothing for the male imagination to conjure up. I wore it when I went to brush my teeth as my son took his usual before bed shower. I did not knock on the door, but went in quietly and hung around until my son stepped out of the shower. He obviously had not seen or heard me, and seeing me then definitely surprised him. He was naked and had that now familiar erection standing up like a great tower. I told him I was sorry, but I had thought I heard him tell me to come in. Before leaving I asked him to come and say goodnight to me. I left and went to my room, got into bed, and pretended to read while I waited for him. He came in wearing his boxers, his manhood all too obvious. He leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, but I took his face in my hands and kissed him full on the lips. It was then he finally broke. He almost collapsed beside me on the bed and then came over me, pressing his body against me, writhing as if he would fuse his body with mine. There was no finesse about what happened next. He flung back the bed covers and literally ripped my nightgown off me. I think he would have torn my legs apart, but I was ahead of him. I had my legs spread wide, my vulva exposed to him. I guided him into me. I felt his shaft slide deep into my tunnel before stroking back and forth inside me. It wasn’t long before he started to cry out as I felt the first streams of his seed going into my pussy, his lovely, beautiful warm thick young sperm. With each new ejection he moaned out, “Ah…ah…ah…” In the midst of this I felt my own orgasm crashing over me like a great surf of waves. It was beyond anything I had ever known before. I screamed at him, “Harder…harder…I want to you to fill me up!” It was as I felt the last of his injections that the miracle happened. I experienced my first female ejaculation. I had never had this before and for a moment it raised me to new heights of this outpouring of passion. Apart from the sheer joy of coupling at last with my son, was the knowledge that I had leapt the precipice and landed safe beside my lover/son.