• 3 weeks ago

PART TWO: She said she was going to give me a little irrigation enema. I couldn’t see everything but some other nurse was there too. She said, “OK HERE IT COMES”. I felt hot water surge inside me. I told her I had to go to the bathroom. She said, “OH NO HONEY, THIS IS A RETENTION ENEMA. YOU HAVE TO HOLD IT.”

It was very unpleasant. I felt I was bursting as she kept adding more hot water. I couldn’t hold it and yet nothing came out. She said, “NOTHING WILL COME OUT UNTIL I SAY SO. YOUR OPENING IS SEALED, EVERYTHING WILL STAY IN UNTIL I DECIDE IT HAS BEEN EFFECTIVE.”

I was pleading as she said just a few more minutes. My balls had retracted and I had a super hard erection which the other nurse notice and said,”LOOK At THIS.” My nurse looked at it and then took a hold of my erect penis and said. “WELL IT MUST NOT BE TOO BAD FOR YOU CONSIDERING THIS” as she flicked my wobbling erection.

I was sweating. I told her didn’t feel well and she said, “WE’RE MONITORING YOU. YOU’RE DOING FINE.” I asked if the time was up and she said just about but she wasn’t sure if it was long enough. She said, “WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES JUST FOR ME? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK”. I heard someone behind me mumbling and so I knew others were there watching. I asked to please take it out. She said she could always add another ten or fifteen minutes if I didn’t want to ask for five minutes more.

She told me to make up my mind. I said five minutes is better. She said “SO WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR”? I said I am asking for another five minutes. She said, “HOW LONG, WHY, FOR WHO? WHAT ARE YOU ASKING FOR?” I said for you. I’m asking for another five minutes.

The other nurse told me I should ask politely, say ‘please’ and ‘ma’am’ so I don’t get fifteen minutes added. There was silence and then my nurse asked, “WELL I GUESS YOU PREFER ANOTHER FIFTEEN MINUTES?” I quickly begged, “Could I please have another five minutes just for you ma’am?

There was mumbling and chuckling behind me as she said, “GOOD I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT”. I was shaking and sweating as I felt someone reach from behind me and grasp my erection. She asked them, “STILL HARD?” A male voice said “YES STILL HARD, SOME BOYS LIKE IT”. My nurse laughed and said, “HE MUST BE ONE OF THOSE”.

After the five minutes she made me politely ask her if I could have a few more minutes just for her. She asked how long I wanted. So I pleaded, Can I please have another five minutes just for you ma’am. She graciously agreed to my request as they chuckled behind me. She said, “I THINK IT’s BEEN EFFECTIVE SO MAYBE I’LL CUT IT SHORT”. I don’t know if she did.

I was helped off the bed to sit on a bedside commode with my arms still strapped behind me. Several nurses were there and that guy. They had watched the whole thing. The guy had his cell phone in his hand so I wonder if he was filming. He continued looking at his phone pointed at me while I had to sit on the toilet in the middle of the room in front of everybody. My erection jutted up in front of me because it wouldn’t fit in the toilet. It was humiliating but I had to go so very bad and she had made me hold it so long.

My nurse asked, “DO I HAVE YOUR COOPERATION AND COMPLIANCE?” I quickly said yes ma’am. She said, “YES MA’AM WHAT?” I was shaking as I said yes ma’m you have my complete cooperation and compliance. She released the balloons that sealed my rectal opening and I groaned and moaned as the fluid rushed out. I felt such relief and I said Thank You Ma’am, Thank You Ma’am. I felt sore and my opening was throbbing. It emptied quickly. Soon I was put in bed and the other nurses including the guy left the room. My nurse leaned over me, with a odd sexy smile she asked if I was going to be a good boy for her. I obediently said Yes ma’am I will be a good boy for you. She helped me adjust my hospital gown. She looked at my purple throbbing erection before covering it with the gown.

She asked me if I had any complaints. I said none. She said that was good because she had a doctor’s order for everything and the other nurses would confirm that I got excellent care. No one would believe otherwise. At her suggestion I wrote out a Thank You card to her expressing my gratitude for her excellent nursing care. I think I really meant it.

I never told my mom what she did to me. I was humiliated, totally. She made me beg and grovel. Yet I had the hardest erection of my life. My penis veins were bulging and turning blue. She had a good look at that fact before she draped the hospital gown over it. I have often wondered if it was because of her putting her fingers inside my anal opening, or if I’m homosexual. One of those boys like she said. Or if it was because she was so pretty. Or if it was because she humiliated me and I was helpless to do anything.

I have gotten erections thinking about her and what she did to me. I can’t get it out of my mind and I can’t stop getting hard over her. I even had orgasms and big ejaculations over her. If she knew, she’d just laugh at me like she did before.