• 3 weeks ago

I made a mistake by going to the hospital emergency room. I had to stay at the hospital and they required a Covid swab, done anally. I really made a fuss in the ER because the nurse was young and cute and I didn’t want her sticking it up my rectal opening. She looked like she was only a few years older than me so she must have just graduated nursing school. It was embarrassing.

They took me to my room where there was another very young nurse. About an hour later she came in and said she needed to get an anal swab for Covid. I tried to explain that it was already done in the ER. My argument got loud an I upset her but I didn’t want to be humiliated again. She left the room.

About ten minutes later like 6 people barge in including three guys. They forced me face down on the bed over some bench and put a strap around my arms. My legs were strapped down and then that nurse came back in. She said now this will only take a minute if you cooperate.

She shoved her finger up inside my rectum and probed around. She said she needs to make sure this gets in far enough. I was wiggling from her forced entry into my rectal opening so she said, “Hold Him Still” and someone grabbed my balls which were hanging down. I think it was one of the males because the grip was tight and it took my breath away. It could have been one of the other female nurses but I couldn’t see for sure.

They put other straps on me and then she inserted her fingers in me to spread my opening and she said. “In It GOES”. I felt it up inside me. One of the guys said let’s just keep him in this position until we’re sure we got what we need. So I was left there strapped bent over this bench with my bare ass up in the air and my aching balls hanging down. I tried to move but it was a struggle.

Then about a half hour later the nurse finally came back with another nurse and she announced the she was going to take one more swab just to be sure. She urged me to cooperate. I couldn’t move and I heard others enter the room to watch. She spread my opening and inserted something large and cold and she said that’s just a guide for the swab. I felt like they put a tube in me. Then she said, “Here It Comes”. I felt it way up inside me wiggle around.

She made me stay in that position until they got confirmation that the swab results. She told me she was going to irrigate the area. I asked what that meant and she said she was just to run a little fluid. The tube was removed from my rectal opening and it was metal because I heard it clink as she put it in a container. Then she put something else in me and it got bigger and bigger filling my ipneing and I felt like I need to