• 3 weeks ago

Yesterday my mom and I finally decided to do it. We both wanted sex, but only sex. She told me we would have to do it with the lights off, so we couldn’t see each other. It didn’t matter to me because I already knew her body well. As I stumbled to her bed, she told me she was naked and to get into bed naked. There would be no kissing, or saying names, so I started groping her tits and sucking on her nipples just like I’ve wanted to for so long. I stuck a finger in her pussy and she was good and wet. I was already totally hard so I moved between my mom’s legs. I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy where I lubricated it with her juices. I pushed my full length into my mom’s pussy until I felt myself make contact with the bottom, we both moaned. Since I couldn’t see anything, I lowered myself down smashing her tits against my chest. I put my head on her shoulder and started thrusting my pelvis back and forth faster. Her pussy felt so good around my cock and I could feel our pubic hair hitting as we fucked. I was fairly quiet, but my mom started moaning shortly after we began to fuck. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to last when she started telling me “Harder, oh yes, harder.” I knew she was close so I really started pounding her pussy hard, her juices making a slapping noise. In the dark your mind can run wild and there was no doubt who I was fucking. My mom started saying, “Oh yes, oh yes, I’m coming, I’m coming.” My nuts were tight as I started shooting, the first 4 or 5 shots were hard and a lot, I kept pumping my cock and groaning until I could cum no more. I just lay on top of my mother as we both were gasping for air after both of us were sweaty and exhausted from our intense taboo fuck.