• 3 weeks ago

This years memorial weekend at the farm with the cousins. Sure couldn’t get lost for sure. The oldest cousin ( 15 ) couldn’t keep his eyes off me . He was at the age he wanted some titty . Monday morning before leaving . I was on the backside of the clover field . Laying down trying my best to add on my first suntan . Guess who shows up . Yep my cousin . came up at sat next to me . He just looked . I said I know what you want . And have you ever seen a set before ? He replied no so I’m guessing that you never touched a set before . He shook his head on . I gave in and pushed my swim suit bra up over my b cups . Took one of his hands a placed one on a breast , Told him to rub gently . Few minute’s later i reached up for his head, And pulled it down and placing a nipple in this mouth . No problem he went right to sucking away . I reached down and slid my hand under my swim suit bottom . And started fingering myself . I got my self wet and wanting dick . I removed his mouth from my nipple and looked at him and said I know you never fucked before Right now I’m wanting some dick inside me . He had a worried look on his face I told him it’s ok . I slid my swim suit off . Told him to pull his cock over from the waist band of his suit and I’ll help you in . He sat between my legs I gently took his cock and helped him in . Then out of nowhere he knew . He started thrusting his cock in and out. Few minute’s i got his rhythm and starting fucking his cock . Few minute’s later there’s that look . Looked up and said it’s ok going to feel great . Bam felt his cock explode . The look on his face was priceless . Asked him well how was your first fuck . He could only smile .