• 1 month ago

The text I received was the answer I had been hoping for, she liked to be controlled. She’d already be in bed, but to join her when I arrived wearing nothing. I spoke softly so as not to startle her, “Get on your hands and knees for me sexy.” She promptly assumed the doggy position. I moved around behind her and very gently and carefully pressed my slick cockhead against her wet pussy lips. As I entered her, the sudden intrusion caused her to let out a yip, and then she moaned until I was all the way balls deep inside of her. I started off slow, moving back and forth, I wanted her pussy to get accustomed to my size. I knew I was bigger than what she’d been getting. I reached around and took her (more than a handful) boobs in my hands and began fondling them. She’d push back against my cock as it entered her all the way until I hit bottom. Her breathing became faster, her moaning became louder, but she kept pushing back harder and harder against me. I helped her involuntarily when my climax came bursting to the surface. Instinctively, I pressed my cock to its full depth in her pussy as I began to shoot my warm streams of sperm into her. She jammed her face into the pillow and really screamed as her orgasm hit. Her pussy was so tight, her contractions were so vigorous around my cock, that I experienced the most intense and colossal climax that I can remember. About the time my erection had shrunk to half size, her pussy muscles literally spit out my tool. We both chuckled at the event. Afterwards we lay side by side on the bed trying to get our breathing back under control. Looking into my eyes she said, “I loved it.” Smiling, I looked at her and said, “It was great for me.” Then I leaned in for a long, passionate, afterglow kiss. “I’m looking forward to many more of these,” she said softly and rolled her warm body up against mine.