• 2 weeks ago

During my first anal sex experience my lover pulled his cock out of me and I passed gas immediately and he said it smelled really bad and kicked me between my legs in my nuts. I didn’t do it on purpose and so I turned around and grabbed the jism coming out of my ass and slapped his face with it. Then he grabbed a plastic hanger and slapped my arm with it so I grabbed a long pillow and smashed his face with it. There was a glass of water on the table next to our fuckbed and he threw the water in my face and shouted WAKE UP, so I pulled his shirt over his head and then yanked his underwear up his ass, he linebacker checked me onto the bed and got me in a rear naked choke hold I grabbed his arm and twisted it counterclockwise and tried to bite it when I felt his erection once again poking my ring so I relaxed and it slid in and I submitted to him fully.

We celebrate our 2 year anniversary next weekend.