• 2 weeks ago

I was about 13years old. One day I was walking home after school, through a park I saw an old guy jerking his cock outside the public bathroom, I walked pass him out of the park. But I got curious and turned back to watch. He took me to a bathroom stall and made me suck it (or more like fuck my mouth) his cock was nasty with smegma, he pulled my head down all the way against him I can hardly breath and all I breath in was the smell of his musky crotch and pubes. It went on for about 5 mins or seemed really long, he came in my mouth and I swallowed(he didn’t tell me to, I don’t know why just didn’t want it to leak and get on my clothes) he smiled and didn’t say anything just left, I walked out not long after him but he’s already ran off. It all happened really fast I didn’t like it when it happened cuz the smell, but on my way home I realised how wet it got me, my panties r soaked and cold (it was winter).
I can’t stop thinking about it, I start to finger myself and every now and then I would sneak into the male bathroom, hide in the stalls to masturbate. Hoped to see him again and ask him to finally fuck me but he never showed.
Now I’m in my 20s(obviously already had plenty adventures) still think about that day. Ask my hookups not to wash they cock for days. When girls get pissed off by the stinky chubby guy in our class(college) I nod alone, but I always get so wet when he gets near me, and I always breath deeply and quietly.