• 3 weeks ago

this: Maybe the reason no girl wants to fuck you is because you’re a creep that ruins women’s lives by cyberstalking them when they reject you. You only get away with it because you’re attractive, polite, and nonthreatening in person. But I know the REAL you. The fragile little boy who’s so lonely and insecure he has to destroy people he LITERALLY WORSHIPS to feel better about his miserable existence. You’re so sexually frustrated at this point that you’d betray anyone for coochie, morals be damned. Why don’t you fuck off and learn how to properly talk to women instead of being an obsessive creepy waste of space before you cause long-term psychological damage to more innocent girls you stupid mentally-challenged incel. Do you even think about the impacts your actions have? I bet you do, in fact, I bet you revel in it you sick lawful evil fuck. If you don’t change your ways soon. You’re gonna burn in hell.” ….thanks