• 1 month ago

I am 2 yr older than my sister.We lived in a small house with 2 bedrooms.Our parents both worked.From the time she became a toddler we shared a bed.My parents always planned on getting a bigger house but it never happened.When I was around 10 I started getting hard ons aat night and in the mornings when I would wake upcuddled against my sister.At some point around 11 I learned to jack off.When I was 12 my sister and I satrted expermenting and touchedd eachother.We started kissing in bed at night like we saw our parents do.We liked it and wanted more.On my 13th birthday we had sex for the first time.I didnt last long and never really got in very far and started cumming.As time went on we started fucking almost every minute we were alone.With some help from some of my dads porno magazines we learned quickly and tried it all.This went on til I graduated and went to the Army.We have talked about it and I will never know how she didnt get pregnate