• 1 month ago

New Year’s Eve my parents had gone to one of my aunt and uncles for the evening. After they were gone one of my cousins showed up. He’s 19 and in college and I just turned 14. We watched TV for a while then he noticed my dad’s liquor cabinet and wanted to know if we could celebrate New Year’s. I told him why not even though I’d never drank. It was still early so we drank a some and we got kinda silly. He asked if we had any playing cards so I got them. He taught me how to play a poker game which was fun. The drinking had gotten me pretty drunk so when he joked we should play strip poker I went along. After about a half hour we were both getting down to pretty much nothing with me only my bra and panties and him his underwear and tee shirt. I was so drunk that when he ask if I wanted to stop I said not now. He won the next time so off came my bra. Then I won so he said I could choose what he had to take off. I didn’t think he would do it so I said your underwear. He immediately took them off embarrassing me because it was standing straight out. He immediately took me by the hand pulling me toward the sofa. We were standing up then he started playing with my tiny boobs. I had never done anything but kiss a couple of guys so I got excited. Then he pushed me down on the sofa. I could feel his thing against my panties as he was kissing me still playing with my boobs. He took his other hand slide my panties to the side then I felt his fingers feeling for my thing. It surprised me when he found it that instead of his finger he started his thing in me. I told him he shouldn’t be doing that but I was so drunk I just enjoyed letting him doing it to me. He kept telling me how good it was embarrassing me more but also getting me more excited. When he said for me to get ready I didn’t know what he meant but I got a warm feeling inside me at the same time my body shook and all I could do was hold onto him until it stopped. When he wanted to know if I always did that I told him I wouldn’t know because it was the first time I had had sex. He said he was surprised because I had known exactly what to do. He told me to go clean up so it was obvious what had made me get that feeling. He stayed until the New Year then left. I quickly put things up so my parents wouldn’t know we drank then went to bed before they got home. I was suppose to get my period around the 11th or 12th but it hasn’t come and it’s now the 20th so I’m scared that he might have gotten me pregnant. I don’t know how to get in touch with him at college but need to as soon as I can. I can’t ask his parents because they will want to know why I need to talk to him.