• 3 weeks ago

Looking at a trio of high school girls in a McDonalds in a tiny town nearly 100 miles from my own town. It was a small place and almost completely empty. The red head sitting on one side of the table, finally figured out that I was yanking my crank and alerted her two sandy blonde friends. They were all a very fuckable 16 or so. They could all see me if they looked a little sideways, but not my masturbation under the table. They whispered and giggled for awhile. They knew full well what I was doing. The cuter of the two blondes kind of waved shyly. Both her friends were surprised and they all fell into excited whispers, giggles and laughter. A few seconds later I knew something was up but I didn’t panic. They almost looked like they were arguing but they were still smiling. The girl with the bright red hair looked exasperated, slid out of the booth and walked right over to me. I kept stroking off and gave her a quick smile and a “Hey, I like your hair.” I turned my body to face her. Her brown eyes opened wide getting the full view of my cock and balls being jerked around. Almost like magic her friends were there and they all looked excited. “Will you come for us?” The other blonde asked quietly. “In just a half a minute.” We were all nervous. It was closer to a full minute but I gave them a good show! Their squeaks and gasps and a quiet “Oh my god.” as I squirted 5-7 thick, full cumshots. They looked so excited and suddenly skooted back to their table and slid in talking and laughing as soon as it was obvious the show was over. I casually avoided my sperm all over the seat and left quietly. They all said “Bye,” Shyly waving and “thankyou,” and a couple of “nice dick” comments as they giggled.