• 11 months ago

Dear Laura thank you for what you did but next time please be a little more careful and considerate.
You really are a wonderful lover and having sex with you was amazing. Thank you so much for the tender way you gave my rock hard cock a blow job and then straddling over me so that I could return the favour and get my tonge working on your sweet spot.
The only little problem was that when you swung your leg over me and came down so that I could start I discovered that your arse hole was sticky with shit. I couldn’t stop or complain because I was in the zone and so near to coming that I had to carry on but honestly girl it’s not nice is it. Even though you are beautiful and your bum is just amazing a couple of minutes wiping with some loo paper would of been time well spent. If you don’t want to do it I will happily do it for you, anything is better than having a shitty hole 2 inches away from my face.