• 4 weeks ago

My parents went for a long weekend getaway for their anniversary which left me to watch my sister who was 12. Old enough to take care of herself but not for the nearly four days that they would be gone. I was newly 16 and didn’t outwardly grumble. It was their time together
and they really did deserve it. One girl who I was kind of seeing lived only about a half mile away on the same very rural road so that was cool. We pretty much did our own thing that Friday except for dinner when I drove us in my work in progress, down the mountain to a small italian place our family liked. My girl Kim joined us. We had a good time. Unfortunately I got pretty worked up making out with her and feeling each other up but not able to go further because of my sister. Some time later my sister Beth came around the corner of the house and was surprised to find me stroking off. As the mutual embarrassment and giggles eased up came her questions, what, why, how, and she watched front of me standing right in as I kept on rubbing myself. A cute girl who was finding her adolescent curves I almost begged her to help me by showing me her breasts. I had secretly seen her naked many times from outside her bedroom window jacking off. She did lift up her shirt and cami with a big nervous smile. Two good thick squirts of cum found the skin of her smooth flat belly before she dodged the rest with squealing laughter. She had never seen a guy before let alone this kind of thing. We went inside then, we talked drinking cold duck and decided to fool around for real.
In our loving (and buzzed) state we went all the way. We were secretly sexuall for years.

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