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One summer when I was younger teen, I had a pretty wild experience that doesn’t “haunt” me at all. I had a best friend that lived next door, same age. In the course of usual “young kids not understanding what is going on,” we would “play a game” where we would put our mouths on the other’s penis for a second. Nothing serious, nothing more… just a quick fun/funny “game.”

This friend had an uncle that would watch him during the day while his parents worked… the uncle was mid-to-late 20’s. They had a garage that was semi-finished… in that instead of parking a car, they had a couch, tv, radio, etc. and used it as kind of a “hang out” room since their house was tiny.

One day the uncle told me he needed to talk to me about something in the garage, and we went in and he locked the door and I sat down. He sat a medium distance from me and said “Dan tells me you guys play a game… a fun game for a few seconds.” I said “yeah. i guess” knowing exactly what he was talking about. He said “that’s cool, I like to play games… I wanted to make sure you were playing it right, can you show me on this?” He was, of course, pulling out his cock. Since the only ones i had seen were younger… I was truly impressed and interested in how big it was. I said “okay” and leaned in a little and kind of put the tip on my lips and backed off.

He immediately said, “ah, yeah you aren’t playing it right, I can tell you how to play it right.” I said sure, not thinking anything serious about it, because it was just a “game.” I leaned in and went to put my lips on it again, and he said “okay now you have to put it in your mouth, and for a lot longer than a few seconds…” I did as he said, putting my mouth around it. He said “good, good, now the way you play it is you move up and down on it… seeing how far you can get it in each time… move slowly up and down and wet your lips if you need.” I started moving slowly up and down as he suggested. The whole time he kept gently urging me to not stop, and that i was doing it perfectly. He started doing the usual… breathing heavy, putting his hand on my head to slightly adjust it as i went up and down, applying just a little bit of downward pressure. I am not sure how much time went by, but eventually… much to my surprise as i had no clue what was going on… he held my head down a little more firmly, told me not to move, and I felt like i was going to choke on the sudden warmth filling my mouth. So as not to choke or gag, i started the natural reaction of swallowing. I still had a lot explode around my lips, as there was too much for me to swallow.

He told me I had done great, and that it was a game that was only played by a few people, so don’t play it with anyone else, and don’t tell them about it because they “wouldn’t want to play it anyway.”

Almost every single day that summer the uncle made time to play the game with me… sometimes twice or three times a day. I felt I was having fun playing the game, getting better at it, being able to anticipate the cum and not let any out. I never told anyone about it in person.

One day when I came over he got to me before i made it to my friend, and told me he wanted to play real quick first… so i followed him to the garage. In the garage on the couch was a guy, probably early 50’s, sitting on the couch. I was told he liked to play the game, and wanted to see how good i was at it. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed at first because this guy was easily twice the size as the uncle. I proceeded to give him head for a while, doing what I could to stay down on him. When he came, it was only what I could call “a bucket load,” and I did what i could to catch it. The uncle then wanted to play, so i topped him off and I went off to play. A few hours later, I was told the guy wanted to play again… I went back in and gave him head for a second time… This time when his cock was pulsating and he was ready to cum, he told me to lay my head back on the couch… I did, and he told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. He came all over my face, and used his cock to slowly rub the cum into my mouth. I never got confirmation in all of these years… but I am pretty sure it wasn’t a “friend” so much as a “paying customer.”

This went on for about 4 months, maybe… then i moved about 1,000 miles away to live with my other parent, and have never seen any of these people again.

I don’t regret, or feel bad about the things that happened… I had fun. I do have a thing for older guys (never younger, ever) so i don’t feel like it messed me up or anything. Had a good childhood, happily married, successful in life, sleep like a baby at night.

Just thought I would share here, since this is not an event most people would hear in less than a horrified tone.

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