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Susan was a really cute and smart 11 yr old, long haired brunette in my neighborhood that I got shang hied into watching on a friday night. I was 16 and ready to see my girl, my friends, and party hearty. I knew the family pretty well as I did most of the people living on the quiet, no exit road. I made the best of it, no use not to, it’s just my nature. We had fun hanging out. Took a walk, laughed a lot. I drove us into town for a pizza dinner and I could see that she was beginning to crush on me a little. I’m not normally into such a young girl but there was something about her that caught my fancy. Lots actually. So dinner kind of turned into more of a date. We flirted enough to know that we were both interested. In this respect she had a cute but naive 11 yr old mentality. It actually made me want her more.
Back at her house, offering for me to freshen up I was led to her bedrooms ensuite bath telling me that she was going to change and then wash up herself. I was already getting a touch horny and this ramped it up x 10. I met her in her bedroom after watering and washing my face n hands. Having snooped only a little in her little sanctum. She was wearing a pink “Hello Kitty” t-shirt with matching sleep shorts that had white lace trim. She told me that she must look silly. Like a silly little girl. Shy and embarrassed she looked sooo damn fine. “I would really like to kiss you right now Susan.” “Wha..I..” and I gently took her by her small arms near her shoulders and leaned down and in to kiss her softly. Her eyes were closed when the moment passed as I stood back. She opened her eyes smiling as sweetly as she smelled. “Mmmm my first real kiss.”
A much better reaction than I had hoped for. “Do it again” whisper soft.
We were a private couple for almost four years. “Under (the) cover(s) couple” she used to giggle.
There were a few whispers but no talk. I maintained a girl or two to throw off suspicion. Susan was cool with that. She even tried a boy or two from school but was very disappointed.
I would bore you with erotic details but I’m no good at writing them and I’ll let your own imagination run wild.

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