• 2 months ago

Cognitive enhancer for clearer and quicer thinking is bullshit man i swear everyone is plugged ibro this damn fucked up system. I do not like what we have become as a species as a oa human why are we all yelling. Every letter every number you put into this machine is mini monitored and stored in the universes’ data base this system ia rigged to suck the life out of you your very life force what are we going to do about it? Listen the scientists or are they also part of this rigged system? open your eyes people wake. PLEASE!!!!
We are being trapped and trained and drained by a defective system. We are. What are we gonna do about it?
Omg!!! Don’t even think about. If something wierd happens to me in the next few days then you’ll know i qas telling the truth.
Violence and war politics religion happen because of our thinking. It comes out of our brain.

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