• 2 months ago

I kind of raped my sister last night, at least it started that way. She ended up really getting into it once we got down to doing the dirty deed. First my sister is so hot! She’s 5’5″, around 120lbs, blue eyes, brown hair just below her shoulders, and a pretty face. She’s only 17, but she has a great body. Her boobs are so firm even though they are nearly the size of grapefruits. Her ass has filled out nicely too. Enough to jiggle a little, but too tight for much.

I’ve actually wanted to fuck her for a couple of years now. She has been the object of many jerk off sessions. I’m always horny, and being cooped up with my sister and my mom has lead me to start thinking of them sexually. Especially my sister Jen. We’re pretty close, but do our own things with our friends. Lately seeing Jen’s body in next to nothing has taken it’s toll on me.

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