• 1 month ago

I went on the Pure hook up app for the first time and let a hot guy tell me what to do and I did it. He showed me the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen and told me what he would put it deep in me and cum. He started telling me what to do and I did it. It turned me on. If he asked for a photo of my pussy, I gave it to him. If he asked me to take my bra off and send a photo, I did. It really was a case of anonymous I’ll show your mine if you show me yours. I really got off doing exactly what he told me. I had no idea I was into this. It feels super exciting to have an anonymous sexual encounter with a stranger. I’ve only ever been with one guy before. He was miles away in another state. I wonder if I would have been brave enough if he was here to meet in person to actually meet up and fuck. Let’s see what happens. I know that I don’t feel guilty for being an faceless video girl. I did what some women charge for and I felt sexy and powerful.

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