• 1 month ago

It finally happened. I have been obsessed with my sister for over a year and last night we made love. She’s 15 I’m 19. And until I walked in on her playing with herself I never felt any sexual feelings for her but since that day I couldn’t stop wanting her. I told her I liked seeing her naked yesterday. And she asked what did I mean, so for some reason I just said without thinking, “I wanted to be inside you”and her response was”I would like that”. So when she went to bed she told me to come to her room after mom goes to bed. I did, and there she was again naked and playing. I was instantly hard. And then I said “I want to make love to you”and for the next 2 hours we did everything I could ever dream. Think what you want but I’m on top of the world and my baby sister is now also my girlfriend and lover

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