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Me and my mother started having sex when I seduced her in Las Vegas. We were there for a wedding for my cousin. My dad passed away about a half a year ago when I seduce my mom. We’ve been having sex for about 8 months now. My mother’s sister came down to visit her and was going to stay for a few months. Me and my mother were in bed having sex and my aunt walked in on us. I got up and went to my bedroom. About 40 minutes went by and my mother comes in my room naked for one and sits down right next to me. I look at my mother and she said to me, would you have sex with your aunt. I looked right in mother’s eyes and I said I sure would.
Mother said that she will send my aunt in. There was a little knock on my door and I opened it right up and there is my aunt. A very skimmer top and no bra. This cute shorts that matched. I moved to the side and she walks in and I just left the door open. I sat her down on my bed and started kissing her. I left ed up her top and started sucking on her tits. So much different from my mothers. My aunts nipple were a lot bigger and tasted so good. I started playing with the tip of her clit. She stared Cummings and that’s when I asked her how long has it been since has gotten off. She said about 40 years. She was so tight at first but she loosened up. There is some days me and my aunt would do it twice a day.

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