• 10 months ago

To: Don’t try telling that shit to Muslims in Michigan which is loaded with no go zones. Muslims are not interested in adopting those standards. Muslims openly proclaim that they are there to conquer a country, not assimilate into its values while giving up their own deeply held religious convictions. Me: Wow, really. That is the first time I have heard that Muslims are there to conquer a country, not assimilate with it, it really explains the behaviors I have seen in practice here….As a man there are aspects that I could enjoy and aspects that I don’t, but in my remaining lifetime I won’t be affected as much as those of you still in your teens or younger and as time passes…thanks for the update…I really had no idea……or that things in Michigan were as you describe……or probably in other Muslim Communities everywhere……but it makes obvious sense…….my father always said the Communist Chinese would take over by force of numbers, but never thought of a radical religion doing that instead!!

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