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Three years ago when I was 15 and my sister was 13 we went to spend a week on our uncles farm. Our cousin who was 18 had just graduated from high school where he played sports. I had always thought he was good looking but he was my cousin so didn’t give a thought that he even noticed me. We did different things around the farm the first day then the next day he suggested we take a four-wheeler ride. On the ride we stopped at a hay barn. We climbed up in the loft where he shoved me into the loose hay and we started wrestling. He was on top of me and I could feel his penis hard as a rock against me. He was holding me down then he kissed me and we started making out. He was between my legs pushing it against me so I pushed back. He sat up unbuttoned my shorts then pulled them and my panties off. I had never even come close to having sex but when he took his penis out I got excited and let him take my virginity. After we were finished we went back and nothing was said. The next day I hoped to take another ride but my sister insisted she get to go on one so I had to stay behind. A couple of days later we took another ride where we had sex again. My sister and I returned home at the end of the week after a great visit. A week later when my period was due it didn’t come. I didn’t say anything hoping it was just going to be late. The next week my sister said she needed to talked to me so we went to her room. I was shocked when she told me she thought she might be pregnant. I ask who she had been with and she told me our cousin had taken her to a barn on their ride and had sex with her. Of course it was her first time too. When I told her he had done it with me too we realized he had gotten both of us pregnant. We both made up stories to tell our parents then acted surprised when they told us about each other. That was in June so we didn’t see our cousin until Christmas time when we were both six months along and showing. When he realized we were both pregnant he was surprised. Later when he got a chance he wanted to know if they were his. We told him yes but didn’t want anyone to know who really got us pregnant since he was our cousin. We had our babies in March a few days apart. I had a boy and my sister had a girl.

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