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To start things off, I am a male, currently 15.

So yeah, one time, it was around 1 or 2 in the morning, I had school in the morning. I was 12 years old at this time. My mom has this closet full of her gowns and heels and stuff like that. I was up at this time, and I felt the urge to sneak out wearing one of her gowns. So I decided to doll myself up, and I actually did a pretty good job, as I looked like a passable woman.

I snuck out of my house and started heading down the road. The area which I live isn’t very populated at late hours. As I was walking down the road, my neighbor randomly decides to check her mailbox, and she sees me outside. “Well, hello there, young lady,” she says. “Where are you heading to this late at night?” I try to say in my most feminine voice, “I’m just heading up the road, I went for a walk down this way.”

Then, my neighbor invites me into her home. I decline her offer, and start to head up the road further.

After 5 minutes heading up the road, I decide to head back to my house. When I opened the door, I had a surprise waiting for me.

My mom is sitting there, in the kitchen, which is right in front of the door coming in. “Well, well,” she says. “Shouldn’t my ‘daughter’ be asleep right now?”. “Mom, I can explain,” I try to say, but she stops me. “Oh no, it’s ok, my little girl doesn’t need to explain.” She then signals me to her room.

I sit there patiently in her room, straightening my dress out. My mother tells me to stand up, and she lifts up my dress. “So, you like these, huh?” She exclaims as she sees my growing erection straining on a pair of her panties. “Well,” I say, but stop. “Turn around,” she says, “and get on all fours.” I did as she commanded, and then, she yelled for my father.

My father comes into the room, seeing me on all fours in his wife’s dress. “So, looks like we need to teach you a lesson,” he says, as he grabs his belt. “NO, please dad, No,” I beg and beg. “This is what sissies like you deserve!” He yells, and starts whipping my ass.

After all the whipping, my mother sends me to bed. It turns out my mother unenrolled me from school, and re-enrolled me, but classified as a female. The rules are now:

1. I must wear skirts or dresses every day to school and in public.
2. I cannot get a girlfriend, I have to have a boyfriend.
3. I must wear a chasity belt from now on.
4. I must do the chores around the house now.
5. All of my stuff, including my phone, old clothes, and other things, were sold and I am only allowed to buy dresses and skirts.

Back to now, my neighbor passed away 2 months ago. She was big on fashion, and owned a lot of dresses from the 30s-90s. My neighbor’s husband gave them to my mom, saying he knows someone who will enjoy them.

As I’ve worn these dresses, I’ve felt like I am a woman, like I was never a man. My mother has ordered me a sex change so, I guess I’ll finally have the vagina I deserve.

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