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I am a Virgin but I have physical relationship with my boyfriend along with oral sex. He is my first boyfriend and we’re in a 2.5 year old relationship. He loves me a lot, goes to any extent to comfort me, listens to all my tantrums,I do anything I want with him, he basically loves me a lot. He never forced Me into physical relationship. We had mutual things for it. But then he went down on me.. I really liked him getting down on me, but I never used to get down on him, he never complained of that though, but I felt that oral sex should be mutual and I never approved of sex till now, So I decided to get down on him, he thinks I like doing it, but I don’t. Mostly I feel very guilty of doing it. Can’t accept it. He once told me..It doesn’t feel pleasant going down on me too. But he does he because he knows I like it, and my pleasure is his happiness. So I Kind of follow that. I don’t know why I am like this.

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