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My sister was passed out drunk off vodka last night so i fucked her sleeping sloppy pussy and came in her without a condom while sniffing her stinky socks

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  • Fake Repost

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 3:43 pm Reply
  • Smelling stinky socks? You’re a nut job.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 7:27 pm Reply
  • Your gay stay away from my window cho mo the whole town is sick of your incest family steeling, breaking, and lurking near their homes at night stand your ground will be the defense of this home. Don’t tread on me.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 7:40 pm Reply
  • I call bull shit on this!! Keep dreaming you inbred fuck! Something tells me you come from people who have done this type of stuff before. Dont you feel guilty or ashamed of knowing you, on your own free will and mind power provoked this conversation as a result of your own gene pull. It takes something deep in you to even have the courage to write what you wrote. You probably will say you dont give a fuck but I wonder if you are really able to speak the truth. Go talk to someone preferably a police officer about how you feel and then Im sure he will help you recover from these dark and unprogressive thoughts. Wake up and stop adding more “stupid” to this country!

    Anonymous June 12, 2019 3:28 am Reply

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