• 1 year ago

I’d seen a few bestiality videos on the internet before this happened, but my first personal experience was with a buddy’s dog I was watching for a weekend, when I was fifteen. I was anxious, looking forward to finally tasting dog cock, and I started jacking him off the first chance I got. He started humping immediately, and after his shaft was exposed, he did something weird: he turned back to me, with his dick sticking out between his back legs, and he stuck his tail straight up in the air. I’d never seen a dog do that during sex, they’ve always kept it down, and I figured(correctly, as it so happens) that it might mean he was receptive to being anally penetrated. I hadn’t planned on my dick going anywhere but my hand this weekend, but I thought if he wanted his ass played with, I might as well. I leaned forward and started licking his ass, while he was still jerking and shooting precum all over my arm, and went back and forth between that and sucking his cock, occasionally licking and kissing his nuts in between. He seemed to enjoy it all, and I learned that licking dog ass turned me on. Also, with a healthy dog? Surprisingly didn’t taste too bad.

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