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Is telepathic sex real? I feel like he is subconsciously making me feel something. Yesterday late at night, I felt something simulating me and it kept going, I wasn’t even thinking of sex then or doing anything. So is telepathic sex real?

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  • no. just ur imagination and even if it was im doubtful. if ur dying to know then u might as well knock urself out and ask them urself

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 8:24 pm Reply
  • Yes it is real, me and bf do it all the time.

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 8:26 pm Reply
  • I doubt telepathic sex is real but what you are feeling is his energy even if it wasn’t directed towards you.

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 8:29 pm Reply
  • I don’t know if it’s real, so much as maybe..Your mind finishing what it started or hoped for. I’ve had sex with my hot older sister for years, and, even when we’ve stayed in the same hotel room or suite with other people and haven’t done it, she’ll sometimes wake up and tell me “It felt like we were all over each other last night..Was hot, even though we were good and didn’t touch each other”. I’ve felt the same, thinking..Damn, it was good with her last night, even though we didn’t do anything. Still felt it.

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 9:05 pm Reply
    • Yeah it kinda felt like that for me too. We’re long distance too, so I just wanted to know.

      Anonymous May 13, 2019 9:23 pm Reply
  • Nope. Only in movies. Humans can only do things physically. There is no such thing as supernatural or all encompassing entities or astrology. Anyone who believes otherwise is misguided, insane and not very intelligent.

    We do things manually on earth. If it can be proven scientifically, It’s real. Anything else is not real. That’s a fact.

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 9:40 pm Reply
    • Well I don’t think it is real and I don’t really believe in astrology that much either but somewhere I think she is rather feeling his energy and what he feels rather than telepathy at that moment. I do believe in empathy and the ability to feel others emotions but I don’t believe in the other stuff.

      Anonymous May 13, 2019 9:59 pm Reply
      • ^ You can’t prove it’s not real. What about wet/sex dreams? I’m sure that has something to do with it. Maybe it wasn’t telepathic sex but maybe it was like she was in his dreams or something.

        Anonymous May 13, 2019 10:01 pm Reply
    • Shut up bullhead, you don’t know what the world is like. This world is magical and it’s not only physical, maybe you need to look up shit a little bit more. This world is crazy.

      Anonymous May 13, 2019 10:02 pm Reply
  • No

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 10:30 pm Reply
    • Are you sure?

      Anonymous May 13, 2019 10:35 pm Reply
  • lol its a Jinn

    Anonymous May 14, 2019 4:58 am Reply

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