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I had my first anal experience last night. I am on my period and we were both super horny. I usually give him blow jobs when it’s this time of the month, but I was really really horny and a BJ doesn’t help me, so I suggested we have sex in the shower and it won’t matter that way. He has asked me to try it in my butt several times but I always thought it was disgusting and I always said I would never do that. He kept talking about it and I finally gave in so he would shut up. It hurt so bad at first. It took him like 30 minutes to get it in because I kept telling him to stop every time it would start to go in because it hurt so bad. Finally he put it in slow and I figured out how to relax. It hurt but after a few minutes, it started to feel kinda good. I had amazing orgasms without anything in my vag and it was enjoyable once it didn’t hurt anymore. I let him do it again this morning before I got up and left. It didn’t hurt as bad that time and felt pretty good again. He came inside of me so I felt pretty wet & sloppy so I went into the bathroom and cleaned up with some toilet paper and noticed some blood on it. My friend told me that it happens some times especially the first time or if it has been a long time since the last time so I didn’t worry. It has been almost 11 hours and my ass is still bleeding a little. I am wondering if it will stop soon or if I did something that is going cost me an embarrassing visit to the ER.

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  • 🐂💩

    Anonymous March 12, 2019 8:33 pm Reply
  • Anal needs to be pretty gentle in the beginning. Take a few days to recover and then go again. Once your can take it pretty easy, keep it up regularly and you’ll greatly enjoy being fucked in it on the regular!

    Anonymous March 12, 2019 10:35 pm Reply
  • fair

    Anonymous March 13, 2019 1:44 am Reply
  • You needed to lube your hole well and he – his cock. KY gel or even Vaseline is good choice. Ask him to push in his knob of cock first slowly and then wait for some time while you relax with this penetration. Let him go slow till mid-part of his cock goes in and wait for few seconds and then restart for full penetration. You both wait for few seconds and twitch your anal muscles and go on squeezing his cock to ferl its throbbing inside you. In and out fuck comes at the end – may be in 10 mints or so and he shoots his load deep into you!

    Anonymous March 13, 2019 3:55 am Reply

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