• 2 years ago

Lost my virginity to my boyfriend of five months last night (he’s 16, I’m 15). Promised I wouldn’t tell anyone because he’s a very private person but I had to get it out so you’re all my new best friends. We were too fucking dumb to grab a condom (even though we had one). Started out doing 69 (first time doing that as well, kind of uncomfortable but whatever), and he ended up fucking me from behind with half of me hanging off the bed lmao. Lasted like 30 seconds which was to be expected but it kinda hurt and I was kinda disappointed. Literally an hour later we fucked again missionary STILL NO CONDOM (because us teens are HORNY) and he lasted only (to be generous) three minutes. That’s my confession, never used this site before probably won’t use it again but I needed to get this out so I wouldn’t tell anyone.