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After lots of anxiety I let a gay guy at work take me to a gay bar and hang out. He offered to introduce me to someone, but I could not think of anyone. His boyfriend came about an hour later and we went to a pizza parlor to eat and his boyfriend asked me if I was committed because someone had to break the ice with me and it might as well be a man with experience. We went back to their place and they invited a guy over who was given the chore of breaking me in. He was nice and took his time and bit by bit got me to where I liked it and we did it all. I still have lots of anxiety, it is good to know that I have done it, but right now he is the only guy I can do it with. I just can’t think of going for the maximum pleasure with just anyone.

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  • Get some Jungle Juice to gape u wide and ease the slide, it’ll also make you wild for that cock

    Anonymous February 11, 2019 5:41 pm Reply

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