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i married a man that was in affair with a lady from another country, she was from what i heard a orphan and they had some kind of odd white collar crime love relationship funny like i was subject to a witch hunt he stalked me down maney knowing i was gullible, cheated on me with anything that moves and before he departed on his visa made sure he married me then took off he was having marriages all over the town like birthday parties, and must have been into human trafficking because he left his orphan bride in waiting promising his return on my accord? i wouldn’t have bothered so much just i found out i became pregnant, but some jealous sick civilians could handle that and i got bashed up and lost the baby it took 5 month for me to see him again he payed for a plane ticket, yet only to arrive with him trying to spread rumours i had something to do with his best friends wife death and that he was still having numerous affairs and demanding the money back i feel i was held hostage in another country and raped into another birth, so i became pregnant again and his cheating ways i did my best to try to flee even after immigration had granted him a visa, we returned back to my country with orphan human traffic bride waiting and before you know he was off again all over the country side to my surprise on the day of my sons birth he had told all the doctors i was mental and for the first time i was injected with needle that i was knocked out for days while he was making court order documents to take off with my son and his orphan wife to get full custody and leave the country and sell him to a orphanage they had lined up for money i’ve been trying to fight my right in the courts ever since so fearful of my son leaving the country the man i married wasn’t even his real name he is arabic but meeting and being caught up in his games is next to a nightmare, i never had a mental health illness until i met him and the doctors just want to throw me in hospital and pin me for whatever he can get, my son is a citizen of this country and should not be denied his rights i’ve applied so many times for a barrier control alert not to let them travel, this man i married has huge drug offences in his country and was in prison he is a orphan himself with no parents yet i seem to always be in his target zone, not to mention it almost killed me giving birth to his children as we are not even the same blood groups and myn did not match his and now the doctor has said my internal reproduction is ruined and should be removed i believe i was a subject to a case of reverse racists and being a women they think they can get away with this in any country they desire? every day in and out im so worried about my son, they don’t treat him right and the authorities are not listening, i got photo evidence of gashes bruised and blood marks his orphaned wife must be some kind of vampire and i was hunted down to be a victim and my son of their sick games sex slaves and odd criminal behaviour these authorities should be out trying to catch not throw popcorn at

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