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Today I paid off a bet I made with a male friend. That lost bet was for me to suck off my friend and 3 men he picked. I nervously went to his house to pay off our bet. Until today I never really gave much thought to making good on our bet as my friend knows I am fine with having sex with others. But as I arrived I wondered who he picked for me to be with other than him. Never really thought it might be someone who for whatever reason I might not want to know about my openness on sex. Well it happened…one of the guys was someone I wouldn’t have wanted to know about me and my habits. If I was paying attention I would have voiced that objection,but I was going through the motions and didn’t see him until he shot into my mouth. At that point all I could to is finish,luck him clean and go on to the next guy. When I was done with all involved he was gone. I dread running into him and wonder if he’ll tell others about me…worried to hell about what he might do or say about me.

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  • If it makes u uncomfortable, its rape

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 10:40 pm Reply

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