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I’ve now been with my wife for 20+ years. When I first met her, she was pretty “normal” in the sex department. It was my goal to change that and introduce her to all the variety and spice that sex has to offer. She was certainly a challenge because mentioning that I’d been in a few three-ways before I met her pissed her off with concerns that I might not be as interested in someone like her. But she was wrong. She was (and is) so beautiful and sexy, that I couldn’t imagine passing her by. I wanted her for the long haul and we’re both still here.

Little by little I whittled away at her somewhat conservative perspective on sex. I started by asking to take nude photos. Again, she was shocked and seemed almost offended when I first asked. But she eventually allowed me the pleasure. I started with Polaroids, then 35mm film, then I eventually got a video camera and we moved on to full on home made hardcore porn.

I tried getting her to swing, but it just never worked out. However, I did luck out once when an ex-boyfriend of hers came to town for a wedding and asked if she’d go with him. She surprised me in saying yes to him since I thought she’d feel weird about it. So I spent the month before working a fantasy into our sex sessions where she would have sex with him. When the weekend he was in town came, I spent about two weeks telling her if something happened I’d be OK with it.

The night he was to arrive came, and I reminded her she had my blessing to completely do whatever she wanted with him. She told me she had no intention of doing anything even though the fantasy was fun. The next morning she admitted that she blew him. Later in the day she called and was even more honest and admitted they had sex as soon as they woke up because he went down on her.

I was raging hard hearing about this and figured the good times were coming soon. They spent the entire weekend together and sucked and fucked multiple times. I couldn’t wait to spend time with her on Monday! She called me around 11:00 AM that Monday and said he’d just left and I could come over. So I did. We had some of the hottest sex that day. Although she admitted to some misgivings and at one point even got mad and said, “I should have never done this”!

Her sex with him continued on and off for about two years until he finally ruined it by trying to convince her that I must not love her if I am willing to let her sleep with other men (He was so wrong about that). He was trying to convince her to leave me and move in with him, and it totally failed for him. She hasn’t really spoken to him since.

So together, she and I continued exploring sex with each other since then. I have tried to get her to consider other people, but it hasn’t happened. However, some of the great stuff that has happened… she learned she loves to perform on live cam and watch guys jack off to her. She gets turned on making porn now. She LOVES her sex toys, especially her Hitachi magic wand. We’d stretched her pussy with very large dildos and I’ve discovered I love the feel of a oversized pussy as opposed to the discomfort of a tight pussy. She’s discovered the pleasure of anal stimulation with toys, my cock, and my tongue.

And for Christmas this year, we crossed another boundary I’ve been working up to with her. For the past few months I’ve been priming her with fantasies about getting back to playing with her ass using anal beads. I slowly revealed that one of my fantasies is to pull the beads out of her ass with my mouth and then keep them in my mouth for a bit. I joked about it being a potential Christmas present from her, and it turned out to be exactly that.

When the night came that we were going to try this, I was super pumped. My plan was to rim her for a while like we usually do before further play, then put the beads in her ass and let her play with her pussy using the Hitachi so she’d be good and turned on. When I rim her, she says it’s relaxing to her like a massage but also incredibly sexually stimulating.

So I did as planned, I rimmed her, put the beads in her and let her work on herself with the wand while I walked her through a fantasy. Once she had her first orgasm, I got ready for my role of pulling the beads out of her asshole. She fired up her vibe again and we got to work. I watched her nipples harden and kept an eye on her for the telltale clues that she was getting ready to cum. All the while I was just licking her asshole.

Finally, I saw she was ready to cum hard. I took the first bead that was hanging out of her ass between my teeth and started to slowly pull them out popping out one at a time. Each one I would then take into my mouth and savor before going for the next one. Eventually I had about half of the beads in my mouth and had a super hard on going.

I looked and noticed that the remaining beads weren’t coming out “clean” if you know what I mean. That amped up my pleasure. I was going to get a chance to taste her scat! This is what I’ve been secretly fantasizing about for a few months now. I could smell it a little and I knew I was ready to take the plunge.

I got the first covered bead in my mouth and… it wasn’t bad! I hungrily worked at taking the rest in while she was on cloud 9 having a super intense orgasm. Eventually my mouth was full of all the beads and I was working off the scat with my tongue. While it’s definitely an acquired taste which I’ve built up to with her tasting small scat samplings over the years, I actually love the taste of her.

I had to be secretive about it, because I’m not 100% sure she’s ready for that yet. So before I came up from under the covers, I used my tongue to fully clean her asshole and wipe my teeth off and swallowed as much of her scat as I could. I then pulled the beads out of my mouth in a handful and dropped them on the floor next to the bed (they were still a little covered).

Lying next to her, I started stroking my cock and we started fantasizing some more talking about how she’s now become the kind of woman who would feed her husband from her ass. She worked on herself with the vibe again and we both came hard. Her a third time and me a first time although being completely honest, taking the plunge into scat play gave me a different kind of orgasm in my mind.

The thought of what we’d done was in my mind for days. While I’m about 80% sure she knows, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to think about it. I’m going to have to work her up to that. For now, the beads are just a surrogate for my deeper desire: her full scat into my mouth! Right now I know she’s said that the beads can sometimes feel like she’s going to the bathroom. I’m happy she’s become comfortable with that sensation. My goal is to slowly work her up to the point where she will release directly into my mouth and equate that with sexual pleasure.

We did it again last night only this time instead of her lying on her back she squatted over my face with the beads waiting for me to pull on. She also didn’t stimulate herself with her vibe. When we were done, she said it was kind of a test for her to see if I was OK with doing it and to see if the position was OK for her. I told her I was thrilled to have done it. She also admitted that since she wasn’t stimulating herself, she didn’t want to focus too much on what we were doing but that she was totally OK with it as long as I was.

Again, the beads didn’t “come clean” last night. But, there was also another interesting aspect to this. Every so often she comes to bed just after using the bathroom and sometimes her asshole isn’t fully wiped. I like to think she does this on purpose to test me. Last night was one of those nights and her ass was actually fairly unwiped. More than ever before. This is what makes me think she is aware that I’m eating her scat.

My hope is that we’ll push that envelope to the furthest reaches and my fantasy of having her squat over me and use me as her toilet will become a reality. I’m also working on getting her to squirt in the hopes that she will just piss into my mouth too. Once we’re “empty nesting” I plan to get her a queening stool so I can go into full service as her human toilet!

The most interesting thing about all of this, is that if you asked me whether I would even get into anything like this just a few years ago I would have said never. But looking for new, edgy things to do in bed has led down this path and I don’t regret it at all. Never say never when it comes to truly fully enjoying every kind of (legal and consensual) sexual experience that can be had! Her scat is lovely.

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  • All I know is it stared off with me reading the words “Hardcore porn” then with me scrolling down to see “her scat is lovely.” I really got myself outta that one

    Anonymous January 4, 2019 6:22 am Reply
  • You are not a mere pervert dude. You need some therapy.

    Anonymous January 4, 2019 9:22 am Reply
  • As long as you’re both happy….who cares what the vanilla people think.

    Anonymous January 4, 2019 12:54 pm Reply

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