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My name is Sidney and I am an Caucasian female. Growing up my mother didn’t like any other race besides ours. My neighbor was a an black male who was fine as wine. My mother didn’t want anything to do with him or his family. One night I saw him outside arguing on the phone with someone but he seemed really mad. I went outside on my porch and pretended to water my plants. After he got off the phone I walked up on his porch and asked him was he alright. He was telling me his story of his bestfriend fucking over his money so I decided to relieve some stress and gave him some head for about 20 minutes literally outside in public. After that we had sex often but made sure nobody knew. We still have sex to this day but now we’re engaged. My mother don’t like him but I don’t care.

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  • Well definitely wild you gave him head when first making communications lol. However it seems to of worked out. Congratulations on getting married soon & if your mother really loves you she will come around & get that racist hatred out of her heart. If not then definitely her own fault for picking hatred over love. Best wishes on your life together with your lover though.

    Anonymous December 3, 2018 12:43 am Reply

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