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I am 21 years old white girl, who recently came out as bisexual. I had my first lesbian sex with a beautiful indian woman named Rita.

I met Rita at a party, there was a huge dance. I didn’t dance because I was one of them shy girls. As I was watching everyone go crazy, I noticed Rita looking at me and smiling. I smiled back at her and then a few minutes later she approached me.

She greeted me with a kiss on my hand and asked me what my name was, I told her my name and I asked how old was she, she told me she was 29 years old. I then asked her where she was from, she told she was indian but was born in canada.

We then went to quiet place talked for a while, and she kept on complimenting me saying that I was beautiful. After talking for a bit more I told her that I was bisexual because I was open. She then told me that she had boyfriends in the past but it didn’t work out so she wanted to experiment with girls. I then told her that I never had sex with a girl before and that I recently came out as a bi.

After talking a few more mins about sex, she told me she got attracted to me at first sight and asked me if I wanted to spend the night with her at her place. I thought about for a moment and agreed because I wanted to finally experience sex with another woman.

So she drove me to her house and we went straight to her bedroom kissing. She was a very good kisser. After a long smooch, she went down to my neck and kissed the life out of it. I then took my top off and her top off and kissed again.

I started sucking on her sexy brown boobs, it was so nice. We then switched and she started to suck on my small titties, It felt very good, I started moaning so bad. After kissing my boobs, she went down on my belly, after a few kisses she started to rub her nose on my belly, I asked her what was she doing.

She told me that nose rubbing is a sort of foreplay that indian people do during sex. Her nostrils felt so sexy and ticklish as she is rubbing it in circles on my belly. Then she went down my vag and I took a deep breath and the moment her face went deep in it, I started moaning very loudly until I cummed intensely.

She swallowed every drop and then ate my ass like a snack. I sat on her face and her nose deep in my anus. After that got me off and got my arms and started to slide her nose on it all the way to my armpits and then got to work there.

I cummed even more to the point tears came out of my eyes.

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  • Sounds like you are enjoying yourself andnthats great

    If you like girls and boys that’s great – 21 is a fun age to expirament

    My wife is quietly bisexual – I secured her when she was only 18 – but I let her go play around with other women when she wants to – I want her to be sexually gratified –

    I’m a 42 year old divorced guy and I just enjoy the company of a much much younger Pretty woman – so if letting her go hook up with other women whenever she wants tonisnwhat it takes – then I’m ok with it

    Anonymous November 28, 2018 1:37 pm Reply
  • It’s too soon for a re-run. You were just talking about Rita and her sexy brown boobs eleven hours ago.

    Anonymous November 28, 2018 9:57 pm Reply
  • I don’t understand this sentence… “After that got me off and got my arms and started to slide her nose on it all the way to my armpits and then got to work there.” What? You slid her nose from your pussy to your armpits? Then, went to work?

    Anonymous December 4, 2018 1:11 am Reply

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