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ive never been one to condone animal cruelty, but if it means killing two small little rat dogs then im all for it. my parents do not know how to take care of their dogs, so now said dogs bark at everything, attack you for no reason, and piss and shit everywhere in the house. ive made several comments to them about obedience school or even just kennelling them for a bit when theyre bad but nothing. it took today, me yelling at my mother about how much i wanted to murder her dogs, about how i was going to complain that they’ve attacked me many of times, about how they are a menace, about how they would most likely be labelled vicious dogs and be euthanised, for her to finally do something anout it. it just really pisses me off that she never actually cared, yet when our neighbors dogs jumped up at me and tried to bite me, my mother freaked out at the guy saying his dog was a menace and needed to be dealt with. TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE MOTHER!

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