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So I want to be anorexic. Until I love myself. I can’t stand my body or how it looks, so I’m planning to eat only an amount of food that fits the height and size of a bottle cap that’s medium sized. I’ll eat 1 for breakfast. 1 for lunch. And 1 for dinner. And I’ll drink water. And if I feel like I’m going to pass out I’ll eat a few raisins with a banana and that’s it. And I’ll dance and do cardio for 30 minutes each a day. If you’d like please give me some help in the comments below (advice on what I should eat, how much, and what other exercises I can do) I weight 140 something pounds, and I want to reach 90. Or at least until I don’t have boobs, theighs, arm, and a little bit of my stomach and back fat. Or all of it.

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  • WAAAAIIT I thought I was alone on this! Losing weight by working out and eAtIng HeAlThY never works for me so I wanna try this too. I’m 140 too and wanna be 110. I’m probably only gonna do it for a week or two. Good luck 😀

    Anonymous May 18, 2018 1:16 am Reply
    • Thanks, and same to you too. 🙂

      Anonymous May 18, 2018 11:13 am Reply

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