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I’m a straight male and I was always curious about the sensation of havig a dildo in my ass. Today I was alone at home, took my gf’s dildo, the lub and started putting into my asshole. I managed to isert it entirely and the I masturbate watching lesbian fisting anal porn while I was doing cocaine also.
I did it gentle, slow, fast, rude and I didn’t have a particulary pleasant experience but in the same way I didn’t dilike it.
I doubt that I would do it again but I’m sure that if someday my gf wants to put me something up my ass, if it’s not a real dick or something bigger than a regular dildo I wouldn’t say her no.

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  • You should get a double headed dildo and then you can both play with the same dildo at the same time

    Anonymous March 12, 2018 11:02 pm Reply

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