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When I was twelve, I was friends with these three boys my age who lived nearby. The oldest, let’s go with “Dave” to protect anonymity, was a couple of months younger than me. The twins, Daryl and Doug, were a couple of years younger. I’m thirty now, so do the math. Its worth mentioning, I was most of the way through puberty by the time this happened; six-foot and change, with pubic hair and the glorious, five inch behemoth I have now. Meanwhile, everybody else in the equation, I don’t know if it was genetics, or their mom smoked or drank during pregnancy- god knows I never saw her without a cigarette or a drink, so that was my bet, but I never asked. Suffice it to say, they were little for their age. Anyway, one day that summer, I had already made plans to sleep over that night, when Doug suggested we all take off our pants and compare dicks at bedtime. In retrospect he was gay enough to fart vampire glitter, but at the time I was like, yeah, why not. Turns out, they were all *very* little; the twins dicks could’ve been bellybuttons, and the oldest was hung like my index finger. The irony was, they were all fascinated with mine, while I happily blew all of them. Within a month, we’d made it a game; in addition to the casual, random cocksucking we regularly did before bed, the first one to wake up the next morning picked his “favorite” and tried to bring him off without waking the others.
That was eighteen years ago, and my only regret is that we had a falling out that fall and I haven’t seen or tasted any of them in years.

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