• 2 weeks ago

Nurses don’t do anything wrong in public. They are smarter than that and they have no need to do act in public. The younger nurses have their ‘fun’ behind closed doors in the hospital and under the guise of medical necessity.

Nurses smack and beat balls but how can you prove it? Nurses put patients in restraints but how can you prove it was not to protect the patient from getting out if bed when it was a risk to get out of bed?

Now since the patient is restrained, the nurse has no choice but to insert a catheter up his cock. How can you prove that she was harsh, abrupt and used an over-sized catheter?

How can you prove that she left his cock out on display when she was simply ‘monitoring’ the catheter?

The nurses simply say it never happened, the patient was delusional and the patient was combative. Anything that was done was medically necessary.

These situations are completely different from what you encounter in public. The nurse in public has a right to protect herself and her unborn infant.