• 2 weeks ago

My Mother is a real ‘nut cracker’. Every time my brother runs his mouth, Mother makes him take his pants off and then she cracks his nuts with a wooden spoon. I LOVE the entertainment! His nuts are black and blue the next day and his mouth is shut except to say YES Ma’am to Mother and to me.

She puts him face down over her knee and grabs his nut sac. She pulls his nuts up in the air between his legs and then the whacking and cracking begins. His arrogant demeanor changes to one of begging, pleading and promising to be a good boy.

Those nuts are ideal for punishment. That’s what they are there for! Whack ’em and crack’em. I love watching the show and watching him stand there apologizing to Mother and to me. Funny that his thing is sticking out stiff and hard. I guess it’s true that some boys have to learn the ‘hard’ way.

I’m sure he’ll be getting hard a lot in future.