• 7 months ago

A girl who does everything I could ever want at all times– but too much of it and basically gently forces it on me. Like, if a girl spoon feeds you– it’s cute, it’s sexy, blah blah. Only, she’d stuff my mouth full before I could swallow, and then keep going. We’re snuggling, I need the restroom. Either too bad she doesn’t want to let go yet, or she follows me and holds it while I go. Everything she finds or buys me is exactly my favorite color in complete matching uniform with each other. We have sex, no matter how long it takes, she’s not letting me leave until I orgasm, even if it takes the entire day OR LONGER. All she cooks or brings home are my EXACT favorite few foods, which, again– she basically force feeds me. And I have no way out of it, because even though she speaks to me perfectly fine when she decides to, she’s always the same exact level of unshakably indulgent calm, a constant, patient smile– and literally ANYTHING I say to her AT ALL is met with nothing but calmly dismissive laughter. I complain, laughter. I get angry, laughter. Yell, call her horrible names? Laughter. I actually HIT HER– she just laughs again, maybe saying something like “Ohh, calm down sweety! Look, your show’s on!” Me: “I’m TIRED of this show!!” Her: *Laughter* Me: “Gimme the remote.” Her: *Laughs and does nothing* I wrestle the remote from her, she just laughs again and gives me a gentle kiss.

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