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I’m 14 right now.

You know what my mama said to me? “If he don’t put a ring on it, he don’t deserve it”

And my daddy said “I don’t want you to bring home no man unless he is you’re HUSBAND”

Mama and daddy said “First comes love, then comes marriage, THEN comes a baby in a baby carriage”

Mama and daddy almost said “If it ain’t love, it ain’t worth it, if it ain’t marriage then they ain’t gonna be no carriage”

If I had sex before I got married or even before I fell in love I would be DISOWN! Now I’m not shaming anyone but..

I’m staying a virgin NOT for marriage BUT until I find the one who can make my heart sing..

But we live in this world with fuck boys and rapist and peodphiles and generally stupid people.. 😒

Honestly I could care less about marriage I just want somebody to love besides myself ☺️

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