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I fantasize about fucking a small baby tight little pussy cunt, I’ll make that cunt my bitch. There pussy is so fresh new clean and right out of the stomach. Mm. Imagine that small little pussy with no hair and it’s so small it’s like fisting instead putting your whole cock inside mmm I’ll tied that baby up and fuck her til she cums and poops

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  • And here’s yet another pedo perv’s warped version of sexuality. Prison awaits lads. Prison awaits.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:04 am Reply
  • Go kill your self u worthless piece of shit

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:11 am Reply
  • Put your dick in a meat grinder instead

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:13 am Reply
  • Sorry, but you can’t fuck a baby’s pussy. You may be able to have vaginal intercourse with little girls aged 4 and up. Trust me, I know. Signed, Pedo Bear

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:24 am Reply
    • You dumb fuck ur sick asab and this whole website on poilce investigation so have fun u sick fucks

      Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:26 am Reply
  • To be honest 8 and under screams too much. I would recommend fucking a 9 or older much quieter than anything younger.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 2:47 am Reply
  • What the actual fuck is wrong with you. You’re a monster. Fuck you and i hope you end up in prison, shithead.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 5:12 am Reply

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