• 2 weeks ago

You sent me a one line reply to my personal advertisement: ‘Would love to spank you’

You do not know how much I want you to spank my bottom. Spank me, my sweety. I love you. I want you to spank me lovingly over your knees, pants down, red bum, then let me tease your cock until you can’t hold back any more and you fuck me really hard up the bum. I long for your cock and balls to fuck me hard in the rear. Make me squeal as the cock goes in. Make love to me darling x x I am your fuck buddy. Kiss me on the lips then fuck my bum.

Many kisses
B—– (female name) —–n (real male name)
kirsten . oconner @ my10minutemail . c om
imgbox . c om/g/1UTrqP0oUN
imgbox . c om/g/fKUC9YRO0u

It’s OK to look at my pictures and write to say you love me x x