• 2 weeks ago

BLACK MOB Tries to Destroy Life of Pregnant, “White Supremacist” Nurse.

Niggers FALSELY Claimed She Tried to “Steal Bike” From Black Man Until Lawyer Provides Irrefutable Evidence it Was All a Lie. [VIDEO]

A pregnant nurse in New York City was accused of being a ‘white supremacist’ and doxxed by the woke NIGGER community after a viral video made it seem like she was trying to steal a bike from a young black man.
However, the nurse’s lawyer has now shared receipts that prove the bike was hers.

These lies may cost her job, her family’s safety. It was a set-up to WRONGLY portray a WHITE nurse as a racist. How low will niggers go?
Yes I said NIGGERS because that is what they are.

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READ for yourself. Stop being DUPED and LIED to. Don’t make conclusions when you only have half the information. You need ALL of the story. The WOKE left LIES! They operate on deception. Satan loves deception.

This is another example of yet another Jussie Smollett scam to falsely portray Blacks as poor helpless victims of White Supremacy.