• 3 weeks ago

It serves them right to have their bare bottoms caned for stepping out of line and protesting the use of the cane in schools.

Their humiliation began when they had their choice of canes and had to select one and hand it to the headmaster. Then they had to take their panties down and bend overt the desk, chair or the headmaster’s knee. By then they were quivering, shaking and sobbing. They were desperate for a way out of what was about to happen.

The crying and pleading began before the first stroke. If they had been caned before then they knew what was coming and they feared it and begged for forgiveness. Even the ringleaders were suddenly repentant. If they had not been caned before then they had heard about it and they feared what it would be like.

They should have followed the rules and not engaged in protests without the school’s permission. Their behavior demonstrated how much they deserved and needed a good caning. Two of the head girls who were ringleaders got a double caning. Most appropriate for trouble makers! The girls later admitted they deserved every stroke for their uppity attitude. The cane is very good at changing bad attitudes and instilling respect and obedience.

Corporal punishment should be reinstated in all schools and there wouldn’t be so much trouble in the world.