• 3 weeks ago

I always get particularly hard when my mother punishes me.

It’s funny to read about the nut cracker mom because my mother beats my balls too. Although it’s painful and aches up into my stomach I still get an erection. I feel like I have an upset stomach from my aching balls but my shaft is throbbing anyway.

My mother also uses a belt or paddle on my bare bottom and I get erect from that too. To humiliate me she makes me stand there with my erection standing up in front of anyone who is there to watch. My sisters, my aunts, the next door neighbor girls, all saw my throbbing and bobbing erections. They all chuckled, laughed, giggled and smirked.

They make jokes and comments about always knowing how to get it hard and it never being a ‘let down’. As embarrassed as I am the thing would never go down. I wanted it to go down but it stays hard and I feel it throbbing and pounding away. I get the hardest erections and the biggest orgasms when mom punishes me.

My sisters say I am a sick little bastard. I guess they are right.